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Why do we light a lamp?

Shree RamCharit ManasPosted by Shree Swami Ramanand Sant Ashram Sun, September 04, 2011 21:38:10

All auspicious functions and moments like daily worship, rituals and festivals and even many social occasions like inaugurations commence with the lighting og the lamp, which is often maintained right through occasion.

Why do we light a lamp?

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Posted by Dharmesh Rajput Mon, September 05, 2011 20:53:04

Lamp (Diya) symbolises knowledge. As Lamp removes the darkness, the knowledge removes the ignorance. Knowledge is a lasting inner wealth by which all outer achievement can be accomplished. Hence we light the lamp to bow down to knowledge as the greatest of all forms of wealth. knowledge backs all our actions wether good or bad. We therefore keep a lamp lit during all auspicious occassions as a witness to our thoughts and actions.

Posted by Dharmesh Rajput Mon, September 05, 2011 20:10:05

Very good Pineshbhai, I hope others will take part so we can discuss more points online.

Posted by Pinesh Mon, September 05, 2011 17:55:23

Lighting a lamp is a time honoured tradition and its roots are likely to date back to thousands of years. Perhaps the most obvious reason why it is observed during auspicious occassions is to symbolise purity/divinity, and is symbolic of how light dispels darkness (or even enlight the darkness). Perhaps it is also a reminder of the duality of nature or even a reminder of who we truely are.

There are possibly many reasons for this tradition and it would be useful to have input from others. Sri Ram.

Posted by Pinesh Sun, September 04, 2011 22:23:45